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It’s time to say goodbye to DJ Mox and DJ Cherry, the student hosts of “Why Am I Here”. They will soon be graduating from Kettering and preparing themselves for the big, bad world of adulting! Since joining WKUF in the fall of 2013 as a Kettering freshman, DJ Mox has volunteered her time to […]

After a brief hiatus, The Night Shift Radio Show returns to WKUF! Hosted by Da DJ, The Night Shift Radio Show hits you with the best of  old skool and some of today’s R&B, as well as The Purple One and his affiliated artists. You can catch The Night Shift Radio Show Saturday and Sunday […]

The growth of Flint's Ultimate Jukebox continues because we've recently added more tracks to our automated playlist! The additions include new songs by such artists as Ariana Grande, LSD (a collaboration featuring Labyrinth, Sia, and Diplo), Florence + the Machine, Sugarland, Eva Under Fire, Leon Bridges, Childish Gambino, Beach House, and Neko Case. You can [...]

For over a decade The Gozza Strip, which is hosted by DJ Gozza, has brought listeners the best in Michigan hip-hop. However, it has undergone a format change. “Michigan Mondays” will continue to spotlight the best in hip-hop from the Great Lakes State, but Tuesdays is now called “2 Turntable Tuesdays” and showcases worldwide classic […]

 “240 Minutes”,  WKUF’s weekly automated program that spotlights the best in classic alternative, is moving to a new timeslot. You can now hear “240 Minutes” Friday nights from 8 pm to midnight EST.

After being down for several weeks, is back! However, if you were a visitor to our former site, you will notice that we’ve undergone some major changes. Below is an overview: You now can access our schedule by clicking on “Shows”. The new site also includes information on what we’re currently airing and what’s […]

For the spring/summer 2018 term we have some student-hosted shows returning to the WKUF lineup the 1st wk of April, which you’ll find listed below. We hope you’ll give them a listen!


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