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Rewind (our automated block of tunes from the 90s and 2000s which aired Friday nights at 6 pm EST) is moving to a new time slot this term. This week it will air on Friday from 11 am to 2 pm EST. Because we are still finalizing our schedule for this term, we don’t have […]

The growth of Flint's Ultimate Jukebox continues because we've recently added more tracks to our automated playlist! The additions include new songs by such artists as Ariana Grande, LSD (a collaboration featuring Labyrinth, Sia, and Diplo), Florence + the Machine, Sugarland, Eva Under Fire, Leon Bridges, Childish Gambino, Beach House, and Neko Case. You can [...]

 “240 Minutes”,  WKUF’s weekly automated program that spotlights the best in classic alternative, is moving to a new timeslot. You can now hear “240 Minutes” Friday nights from 8 pm to midnight EST.

In an effort to better serve our listeners by letting them know when their favorite type of music is on, we’ve added several automated blocks to the schedule.


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