Submit Your Music

Submit your music to WKUF:

Along with the CD or mp-3 file, the Music Director needs a separate document that includes:
 Artist Name
 Tracks titled and correctly numbered
 Track run time included
 Contact Information: Name, telephone, email address

The following information would also be helpful with your submission:
 Artist profile and information (this will aid the deejays in presenting background information of the artist to the listeners).

Remember, WKUF-LP only airs clean, edited versions. For specifics as to what we consider ‘clean,’ view the pdf of our handbook below. 

Send physical copies of CDs to the address below or put them in the drop box at Kettering located to the right of the front doors of the Campus Center:
1700 University Avenue
Flint, MI 48504

Please send any digital submissions to

FYI: Visitors are not allowed in the WKUF studio unless they are a previously-approved guest of a show host. 

If you have any questions, please email