Host Profile: That Guy

That Guy Posing During His Show

Show name: Shaking Up the Farm

What's your show about? Our show is about bringing together different genres of music mainly rock and country, so that people have a variety to choose from. Me and my co-host (DJ Southern Belledon't usually have a theme but sometimes unknowingly one happens, or we decide to work together to create one, or one of us creates a solo theme. Right now our show airs Tuesdays 4 pm- 6 pm, but that will change from term to term.
Is there a story behind your on air name? I was joking around with my roommate and we came up with it
How long has your show been on air? Since January 2015
Tell us about a funny incident that happened during your show. All of our ridiculous banter and jokes that aren't air appropriate happen.  Every time Southern Belle got up and touched the door handle, a wonderfully loud shock would happen.
What do you like to do in your spare time?  Play video games and hang out with my roommate & friends
If you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could choose only 10 songs, what would they be? 
1. Welcome to the Farm: Luke Bryan
2. Beers Ago: Toby Keith
3. Burnin it Down: Jason Aldean
4. Did I Say That Out Loud?: Barenaked Ladies
5. Hey Y'all: Cole Swindell
6. I'm Alive: Becca
7. Candy Cane Christmas: Darius Rucker
8. Number One (vocal version): Shiro Sagisu
9. Whatever It Is: Zac Brown Band
10. Where It's At: Dustin Lynch
What is one of your most memorable concert experiences? It was at a county fair and it was the first concert type thing that I'd been to. It was Jerrod Niemann and I was with a bunch of my friends. They passed out beer mug cutouts on sticks.
Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising. I'm working on writing a book.
In the movie "WKUF: The Untold Story", who would you cast as yourself?  Ray Narvaez, Jr.