Kettering Students Return to the Airwaves for Spring 2017

Kettering students are returning to the airwaves for the spring 2017 term. Below is info on these shows, which start the week of April 2nd. I hope you'll give these shows a listen!


Show/Time:  E.V.M., 6 pm-7 pm
Host:  DJVamps (not pictured)
Format:  EDM

Show/Time:  R.P.M., 7 pm-8 pm
Host:  BWB (right in the photo montage)
Format:  A wide variety of rock (R), punk (P), and metal (M).


Show/Time:  Hard Transitions (a brand new show), 4 pm-5 pm
That Guy (center in the photo montage) and BWB (right in the photo montage)
Format: Variety

Show/Time:  Sportin' It, 7 pm-9 pm 
Hosts:  lil_DJ & Em 'n' Em (top center in the photo montage)
Format:  Sports talk, news, and music


Show/Time:  Keep Calm and Rock On, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm 
Host:  DJ Drakon (bottom center in the photo montage)
Format: Rock, new metal, electronic and dubstep

Show/time: Shaking Up the Farm, 6 pm-8 pm 
Hosts: DJ Southern Belle (left in the photo montage) and That Guy (center in the photo montage)
Format: Rock (along with some of its sub-genres) and country