Student Shows Returning to WKUF for the Fall 2017 Term

For the fall 2017 term we have some student-hosted shows returning to the WKUF lineup, which you'll find listed below. With the exception of one, all shows start the week of October 2nd; I hope you'll give them a listen!


Show/Time: Mixed Reviews, 9:15 pm-10:15 pm 
Hosts: Hiro and Vael (not pictured above)
Format: EDM and international music (particularly, Japanese pop/rock)


Show/Time:  R.P.M., 4 pm-5 pm 
Host:  BWB (pictured above: right, center photo of collage)
Format:  A wide variety of rock (R), punk (P), and metal (M).

Show/time: Shaking Up the Farm, 6 pm-8 pm 
Hosts: DJ Southern Belle and That Guy (lower right)
Format: Rock (along with some of its sub-genres) and country


Show/time: Genreless, 4 pm-6 pm 
Hosts: lil_DJ & Em 'n' Em (upper left)
Format: Any genre of music their listeners want to hear!  You request it, they play it!


Show/time: Hard Transitions, 2 pm-3 pm
Hosts: BWB and That Guy (upper right)
Format: Music from a variety of genres

Show/Time: Tales of Rock 3:30 pm-4:30 pm 
Hosts: The Bard
Format: Rock, along with some blues and jazz

Show/time: Chelsea's Live Line, 6 pm-7 pm
Host: Chelsea, aka "DJ CC(lower left)
Format: Hip-hop, R&B and talk