MoeTheBro and DJ White Shorts Discuss the Recent Women's Marches

On the 1-23-17 broadcast of Society Probs, hosts MoeTheBro and DJ White Shorts talked about the women's marches that took place the weekend of January 21st. You can hear what they have to say by watching the video below. 

Bob Seger Releases Tribute Song to Glenn Frey

Bob Seger recently released "Glenn Song", a tribute to his friend and fellow Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Glenn Frey (who died on January 18th 2016 at the age of 67). We recently added it to our automated playlist. In addition to listening to it below, you can also hear "Glenn Song" and more by accessing our webstream located in the left sidebar at, by using our free Android app, or via TuneIn.



Student Shows Returning to WKUF for the Winter 2017 Term

For the winter 2017 term we have student shows returning to the WKUF lineup, which you'll find listed below.  I hope you'll give these shows a listen!


Show/Time: The Lounge, 5 pm-6 pm
Host: Afterburner (pictured above, bottom left)
Format: Music from the pop, rock, and techno genres. 

Note: This will be Afterburner's final term on WKUF


Show/Time: Tales of Rock 6 pm-7 pm 
Hosts: Smooth Cha-Cha
Format: Rock, along with some blues and jazz

Show/Time: Society Probs, 9 pm-10 pm 
Hosts: MoeTheBro & White Shorts (pictured above, top center)
Format: Talk (issues related to Kettering University and those that are local/national/international) along with a few tunes sprinkled in throughout the hour.


Show/time: Chelsea's Live Line, 4:30 pm-5:30 pm
Host: Chelsea, aka "DJ CC(pictured above, bottom right)
Format: Hip-hop, R&B and talk


Show/Time: Metal Mosh-Pit Madness, 10:30 am-11:30 am (debuts 1/18/17)
Host: Maverick and Eric
Format: Various genres of metal

Show/Time: Up in Smoke, 4 pm-5 pm 
Host: Puff (pictured above, top right)
Format: Reggae, ska, and hip-hop


Show/time: The Facts Machine, 1 pm-3 pm 
Host: Zed 
Format: Rock and electronic music with more modern selections and of course, facts.

Show/Time: Pop the Bubble, 7 pm-8 pm (debuts 1/19/17)
Host: Great Scott (pictured above, top left)
Format: Music and comedy


Show/Time: Electric Vibe, 2 pm-3 pm 
Hosts: Oswin 
Format: Alternative, pop and EDM.


Show/Time: The Edge, 1 pm-3 pm
Host: DJ Bubbles
Format: Having fun with a variety of musical genres and featuring tunes you've probably never heard before!


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