Impossible Tuesday Joins in on the Mayhem

From left to right: Dave Kincius, Phil Tanner, and Gerry Maciok

Late Saturday/early Sunday on May 25th, drummer Dave Kincius and bassist Gerry Maciok (1/2 of the Detroit rock band Impossible Tuesday) joined Metal Mayhem host Phil Tanner in the WKUF studio. In case you were wondering, the name of the band comes from the fact that originally, they all agreed Tuesday would be the best day for them to practice. However, whenever it came around, someone couldn't make it. Therefore, Impossible Tuesday! Their website (which I linked to in the 1st sentence) contains details on upcoming shows, a gallery of photos, information on their upcoming newsletter and more! You can also check out their Facebook page as well. 

WKUF Helps to Revitalize Flint

On 5/10/14, members of the WKUF staff volunteered at the Main Street Matters event in Flint. Main Street Matters was launched by Benjamin Moore Paints last year in an effort to remake cities across North America. Flint, MI was one of 20 cities selected. Pictured from left to right are: Alex Tannahill, Kevin Sims, Jeff Cookson, Anthony Bacik, Kurt Morse, and Kyle Kupsche.


New Shows on WKUF!

For the Jan 2014 term we've added some new shows to the WKUF lineup, which you'll find listed below. When provided by the host, there's additional info regarding their on-air name and format. I hope you'll give these shows a listen!


Show/Time: The Edge, 1 pm-3 pm
Hosts: DJ Fuzzy and DJ Bubbles
Format: Having fun with a variety of musical genres and featuring tunes you've probably never heard before!


Show: DJ Jay Big Big Big Radio, 3 pm-5 pm
Host: DJ Jay Big 
Format: DJ Jay Big brings you some of the best sounds from the world of hip-hop

Show/Time: The DRF Super Show, 7 pm-9 pm
Host: DRF
Format: Upbeat music to keep your feet movin'!

Show/Time: Mad Mondays, 9 pm-11 pm
Host: DJ Whatever the Heck You Want to Call Me or wthywtcm
Format: DJ wthywtcm spins tunes from a variety of genres to liven up your evening. 


Show/time: Tuesday Thrashternoons, 11 am-1 pm
Host: Abaddon
Format: A lot of metal and a little bit of punk for your lunchtime enjoyment

Show/time: What is That?!, 5 pm-7 pm
Host: DJ Grand AM
Format: You name it and DJ Grand AM will play it!

Show/time: College Light, 7 pm-8 pm
Host: Chloe
Format: Soul stirring tunes from the world of Contemporary Christian music. 


Show/Time: Psycho's Power Pulse, 1 pm-3 pm
Host: Psycho
Format: Rock and metal tunes so you can bang your head and pump your fist!

Show/Time: The Boondoggle Report, 4 pm-9 pm
Hosts: Major Boondoggle and Doctor Jeff
Format: News, talk, and music to stimulate your mind and ears!

Show/Time:  The Pick of Cygnus, 9 pm-11 pm
Host:  MonkeyFoot
Format: A different musical perspective beyond the limelight uncovering complicated, interesting, and well-crafted music.  All genres are featured, with a focus on moderately upbeat music.


Show/Time: The Facts Machine, 1pm-3 pm
Host: Zed 
Format: Older music from the vinyl era, with a focus on rock and its variations. The music portion is interspersed with factual information (hence the name) on a wide range of topics.

Show/Time: Bit_Crusher, 4 pm-6 pm
Host: Byte
Format: Get in touch with your inner/outer geek as Byte plays video game music!

Show/Time: Dealionaire Club Radio, 6 pm-7 pm *

Show/Time: Jeff's Power Hour, 9 pm-10 pm
Host: The Jeffinator
Format: A variety of genres focusing on a different theme each week!

Show/Time: W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G., 10 pm-11 pm
Host: Blaise
Format: It's all about feeling as Blaise plays music which fits his mood that particular week.


Show/Time: Soar N Electronic, 1 pm-4 pm
Host: Wing Beat
Format: The best from the world of electronic music and more!

Show/Time: The Brickyard, 7 pm-9 pm
Host: DJ Evenstar
Format: A variety of music focusing mainly on rock genres with useless trivia sprinkled throughout the show!

Show/Time: Dealionaire Club Radio, 9 pm-10 pm *

*= Show airs twice a week



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