Timeslot Change for Metal Mayhem

Effective immediately, Metal Mayhem (hosted by Phil "The Darkness" Tanner) has changed one of its time slots from Monday to Friday night/Saturday morning. His time slots are now Friday 9 pm to Saturday 8 am and Sunday 12 midnight to Sunday 12 noon.

Final Results of the Recent CD Collection Poll

CD Wall

​In the recent poll in which I asked people to give an approximation of how many CDs they own, the minimalists edged out the hoarders in training (the latter of which includes me) by 5%. However, I am working on narrowing my collection down to less than a 100. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

Here are the final results:

1-49: 35%

500+: 30%

100-299: 18%

50-99: 10%

None: 5%

300-499: 3%

Impossible Tuesday Joins in on the Mayhem

From left to right: Dave Kincius, Phil Tanner, and Gerry Maciok

Late Saturday/early Sunday on May 25th, drummer Dave Kincius and bassist Gerry Maciok (1/2 of the Detroit rock band Impossible Tuesday) joined Metal Mayhem host Phil Tanner in the WKUF studio. In case you were wondering, the name of the band comes from the fact that originally, they all agreed Tuesday would be the best day for them to practice. However, whenever it came around, someone couldn't make it. Therefore, Impossible Tuesday! Their website (which I linked to in the 1st sentence) contains details on upcoming shows, a gallery of photos, information on their upcoming newsletter and more! You can also check out their Facebook page as well. 


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