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DJ Drakon Joins That Guy & DJ BWB for Hard Transitions

On 12/7/17, DJ Drakon (formerly the host of Keep Calm & Rock On) joined That Guy and DJ BWB in the studio for their final broadcast of Hard Transitions (they'll both be back in the spring with separate shows). Sadly, this was DJ Drakon's final time on air as an undergrad student at Kettering University. He may return to WKUF at some point, but that's still up in the air. Whether this was DJ Drakon's final broadcast or if he's able to return, we at WKUF wish him all the best.

Hey Kettering Students, WKUF Wants You!

Kyle Kupsche and Alan Purdy training students after the first Summer 2016 meeting

The above photo was taken on 7/12/16 and shows General Manager Kyle Kupsche (black T-shirt) and Station Manager Alan Purdy (light blue T-shirt) training students new to WKUF. If you're a Kettering student who's wondering how you can become a member of WKUF, you can learn how by attending one of our weekly staff meetings. They are normally held every Tuesday at 8:15 pm in Room A of the Campus Center at Kettering University. You can be a part of our on-air staff, put your engineering/music knowledge to use behind the scenes or do all three! If you have any questions about joining WKUF, you can email us, post them on our Facebook page or ask at the meeting. We hope to see you there!

Impossible Tuesday Joins in on the Mayhem

From left to right: Dave Kincius, Phil Tanner, and Gerry Maciok

Late Saturday/early Sunday on May 25th, drummer Dave Kincius and bassist Gerry Maciok (1/2 of the Detroit rock band Impossible Tuesday) joined Metal Mayhem host Phil Tanner in the WKUF studio. In case you were wondering, the name of the band comes from the fact that originally, they all agreed Tuesday would be the best day for them to practice. However, whenever it came around, someone couldn't make it. Therefore, Impossible Tuesday! Their website (which I linked to in the 1st sentence) contains details on upcoming shows, a gallery of photos, information on their upcoming newsletter and more! You can also check out their Facebook page as well. 


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