Prince Dead at 57

An ABC News Special Report by George Stephanopoulous:


Arguably, the greatest half-time performance in Super Bowl history:

Final Results of the Recent Prince Poll

In a recent poll, I asked people to vote for their favorite #1 song by Prince. It's weird because the votes were divided equally and broken down into 3 sets of songs. Here are the final results:

Batdance, Kiss and Let's Go Crazy- 22% each

Cream, I Wanna Be Your Lover, and When Doves Cry- 11% each

Diamonds & Pearls, Sign O' the Times, and Thieves in the Temple- 0% each

Thanks to everyone who participated. 

What's Your Favorite Prince #1 Song?


To date, Prince has had 9 songs reach #1 on the Billboard Pop and/or R&B chart. Please take a moment to vote for your favorite in the current poll (located in the right sidebar). Thank you. 

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