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WKUF Playlist Spotlight: Music by Noc V.

On 6/26, we added some tracks by Australian DJ/songwriter/producer Noc V. to our automated playlist. Introduced to me by DJ Paradise (a Kettering student and one of the co-hosts of To Be Decided) Noc V.'s influences include Dougal & Gammer, Oceanlab, Headhunterz and more! You can read more about Noc V. and hear music by him on his Facebook page. Below is one of his songs that we've added to our automated. I hope you dig it!

WKUF Playlist Spotlight: Lost Boy by Ruth B

In late May, we added Canadian musician Ruth B's debut single "Lost Boy" to our automated playlist. A nostalgic ballad, "Lost Boy" came about after Ruth B was inspired by the ABC series Once Upon a Time. After watching an episode, she came up with a line about Peter Pan; this led to her creating a singing Vine in 2014 which earned over 80,000 likes within a week. Encouraged by Vine commenters to complete the song, she did just that and posted a video on YouTube on 1/18/15. Its popularity caught the attention of record labels and she was signed by Columbia Records in July 2015. 

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Ruth B's debut EP Intro contains "Lost Boy" and 3 other tracks. She plans to release her debut full-length album in 2016. 

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