Farewell to DJ Drakon... or Is It?

After a four-year run, DJ Drakon bids Kettering University farewell. DJ Drakon joined WKUF in 2013 and has done many things behind the mic and behind the scenes. This includes (but isn't limited to the following):
  • Host of Keep Calm and Rock On, which debuted in the fall of 2013
  • Assistant Station Supervisor and later, Station Manager 
  • The voice of our Android App spot which airs on WKUF
  • Host of our 35th anniversary tribute to AC/DC's 1980 album "Back in Black, which aired in November 2015
  • Member of the Music Sub-Committee
I'd like to take a moment to thank DJ Drakon for the hours of entertainment he has provided on the air and the hard work he put in behind the scenes. There is a possibility he may continue at WKUF.  If not, we wish him all the best. His work at WKUF will not be soon forgotten. 

Farewell to Hiro & Vael, the Hosts of Mixed Reviews

After hours of music and friendly on-air debates, Hiro & Vael are saying goodbye to WKUF and Kettering University. Hiro and Vael hosted Mixed Reviews, which debuted on 11/2/15. With Mixed Reviews, Hiro and Vael created one of WKUF's more unique and entertaining shows. Their show featured EDM as well as international music (particularly, Japanese pop and rock). Our goal as a station is to provide a diverse array of programming for audience members and with Mixed Reviews, Hiro & Vael helped us achieve this.
Along with hosting Mixed Reviews, Hiro & Vael also contributed to WKUF behind the scenes. This included, but wasn't limited to, adding music to WKUF's library. Also, Hiro introduced me to Rookiez is Punk'd!
I'd like to take a moment to thank Hiro & Vael for the amazing job they did with Mixed Reviews and the hard work they put in behind the scenes at WKUF. They will be missed. 

DJ Drakon Joins That Guy & DJ BWB for Hard Transitions

On 12/7/17, DJ Drakon (formerly the host of Keep Calm & Rock On) joined That Guy and DJ BWB in the studio for their final broadcast of Hard Transitions (they'll both be back in the spring with separate shows). Sadly, this was DJ Drakon's final time on air as an undergrad student at Kettering University. He may return to WKUF at some point, but that's still up in the air. Whether this was DJ Drakon's final broadcast or if he's able to return, we at WKUF wish him all the best.


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