The Gozza Strip

DJ Gozza Brings You "The Bangtown Play of the Day"

DJ Gozza (host of long-running Michigan hip-hop showcase The Gozza Strip and a member of Bangtown Productions and Recordings) has been helping school-age youth express themselves musically through the “Studio on the GO” Program. Studio on the GO is an innovative music engineering concept dedicated to cultivating, promoting and enhancing the musical experience for youth. Although this is mainly an afterschool project, classes can be arranged during school hours. 

During each broadcast of The Gozza Strip, Gozza does a segment called "The Bangtown Play of the Day" in which he spins a song created by students. The Gozza Strip airs Mondays and Tuesdays on WKUF from 1 pm to 3 pm and "The Bangtown Play of the Day" segment begins @ 2:50 pm. For more information about Studio on the GO, please visit their website at

Below is one of Gozza's previous productions for Bendle High School. 

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