Student Shows Returning to WKUF for the Summer 2016 Term

For the summer 2016 term we have a handful of returning shows to the WKUF lineup, which you'll find listed below.  We hope you'll give these shows a listen!


Show/Time: The Edge, 3 pm-5 pm (returns on 7/17)
Host: DJ Bubbles
Format: Having fun with a variety of musical genres and featuring tunes you've probably never heard before!

Show/Time: The Lounge, 5 pm-6 pm (returns on 7/17)
Host: Afterburner (pictured above center)
Format: Music from the pop, rock, and techno genres. 


Show/Time: Electric Vibe, 3 pm-4 pm (returns on 7/19)
Hosts: Vixen and Oswin (pictured above left)
Format: A
lternative, pop and EDM.

Note: Electric Vibe (which was formerly known as "FTBT", also airs Fridays from 3 pm to 4 pm)


Show/time: Metal Mosh Pit Mayhem, 4 pm-5 pm (returns on 7/13)
Host: Maverick
Format: Various  genres of metal

Show/time: Chelsea's Live Line, 6 pm-7 pm (returns on 7/20)
Host: Chelsea, aka "DJ CC" (pictured above right)
Format: Hip-hop, R&B and talk


Show/time: The Facts Machine, 1 pm-3 pm (returns on 7/14)
Host: Zed
Format: Tune in as Zed pairs all the flavors of rock and electronic music with more modern selections and of course, facts.

WKUF Statement Regarding Blues and News Program

Fans and friends, we regret to inform you that our usual Saturday morning program, Blues and News, will no longer be aired on WKUF. As time has gone on, we have seen that the quality of the program was no longer in line with our standards, and that the views expressed were not in accordance with those of WKUF and Kettering University. Furthermore, it has come to our attention that during these broadcasts, a host alienated a great many of our listeners and callers with unprofessional behavior, and to those loyal listeners and callers, we offer our deepest and most sincere apologies. Wild allegations, unsubstantiated claims, and the mistreatment of our listeners will not be tolerated by WKUF. As such, Blues and News will no longer be part of the WKUF lineup. While we are appreciative of the hosts' years of service to WKUF, we feel this move is for the best.

We thank you, the people of Flint and our listeners beyond, for your wonderful support throughout the years. Time and time again you have made what we do here at 94.3 worth the struggle.


The Staff of WKUF-LP Flint, 94.3 FM



Maurice Davis' Blues & News

If you've been a regular listener of Maurice Davis on WKUF over the years, you know that he has gradually moved away from being strictly a music-based show and now talks about newsworthy topics as well. To reflect this format change, his show is now known as "Maurice Davis' Blues & News". Along with a mix of  music (Party Blues, Ol' Skool R&B & Oldies) Maurice will continue to discuss issues pertaining to the Flint area and the country in general. His show will remain in its timeslot on Saturdays from 8 am to noon. We hope you can tune in!


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