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Former student co-host of Shaking Up the Farm

What was your show about? Our show was about bringing together different genres of music mainly rock and country, so that people had a variety from which to choose. Me and my co-host (That Guy) usually didn’t have a theme but sometimes unknowingly one happened or we decided to work together to create one, or one of us created a solo theme.
Is there a story behind your on air name? This is more of a funny joke because anyone that really knows me knows that I am not Southern at all. I’m from the South, but I don’t have an accent and the only way I really show it is by being cold intolerant.
How long was your show on air? From January 2015 to June 2019
Tell us about a funny incident that happened during your show. One of my favorite memories is watching That Guy and Terrible Terrance eat jelly bean flavors that really shouldn’t exist, such as earwax, booger, rotten egg, and so forth. The two of them decided that they wanted to go for a vomit flavored jelly bean and they were trying to goad me into doing it with them. Needless to say after watching their reactions I’m glad I had enough sense to stick to normal flavored jelly beans.
What do you like to do in your spare time? Reading, playing with animals, hanging out with friends, and dancing
If you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what are 10 of the songs you’d want with you?
1. All Apologies: Nirvana
2. Welcome to the Jungle: Guns n’ Roses
3. Dirt: Florida Georgia Line
4. Burning Love: Elvis Presley
5. Blackbird: The Beatles
6. Here Comes the Sun: The Beatles
7. Thinking Out Loud: Ed Sheeran
8. Don’t Forget About Me: Keith Harkin
9. Stay: Mayday Parade
10. Sweetest Goodbye Maroon 5
What is one of your most memorable concert experiences? On 1/24/18, I got to go see Walk The Moon in concert at the Fillmore in downtown Detroit. It was in the middle of the week so I decided to ignore all responsibilities for the night and the next morning. I ended up going with two former WKUF DJs (The Mountain Man and DJ Bdomz) and another friend of ours. We went into the concert being super excited and pumped up for it. They started their set with the intro to the Lion King and just bright lights everywhere. The music was loud and everywhere I looked I just saw people up out of their seats dancing and rocking out to the music. You could feel how happy and excited everyone was to be there. I managed to get Mountain Man out of his seat and moving to the music. Bdomz and I were singing (more like screaming with how loud the music was) along with the songs. By the end of the night, my throat was sore and my voice was gone. All in all, it’s an experience I would love to repeat.
Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising. I’m from the land of Coke, but I prefer Pepsi.
In the movie “WKUF: The Untold Story”, who would you cast as yourself? Emma Watson

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